E12: B2B Sales Growth Strategies for your Territory


In this episode, Neil discusses how to secure sales growth from a sales territory. He suggests, that there are only two ways: get your existing clients to buy more or, get new clients. Both deliver growth, but which is the quickest and the most cost effective?

Neil first discusses where to start, when you’re looking for sales growth. A lot of his sales mentoring clients start off by chasing new business, when they want to grow. Instead, his recommendation is to implement clear and simple techniques that stimulate extra sales from your existing clients. He discusses how to generate sales growth from existing clients using various ‘Push’ and ‘Pull’ techniques, and how to better partner with clients and help stimulate and increase their sales.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to secure sales growth by identifying gaps in your existing stockists
  • Be introduced to two effective sales stimulus – ‘Push’ and ‘Pull’
  • Sell-in needs ‘Push’ to be effective
  • 11 examples of ‘Push’ strategies
  • Sell-thru needs ‘Pull’ Strategies
  • 9 examples of ‘Pull’ Strategies
  • Different levels of language that are applicable to the size of business you’re working with



E12: B2B Sales Growth Strategies for your Territory

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