Terms of Service

The SALES CATALYST Terms of Service

Standard Terms of Service

In which the use of “we”, “us” our “our” means The SALES CATALYST

Scope of Works

The scope of work that we are to undertake for the Client (both what is included and what is not included) is detailed in any accompanying documents and/or our website.

Guarantee & Cancellation Policy

All program delivery, coaching and consulting that we provide to the Client is underwritten by a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. The Client can exit any company booked private program at any time by giving 21 days’ written notice to us prior to the delivery of a pre-booked private company seminar program. We would appreciate receiving cancellation or rescheduling communication 21 days prior to a program delivery. Private Company program cancellations received less than 10 working days prior may result in the full fees of that program being charged. Public seminar program cancellations received prior 30 days prior will entitle the individual to 100% refund. Cancellations receive 7 days or less will entitle the individual to a 50% refund. Non-attendance the individual will forfeit 100% of their ticket value. Business Mentor session cancellations received less than 3 working days prior will result in 50% of that session’s fees being charged. Associated travel and/or accommodation re-booking costs are at the client’s expense.

Limitation of Liability

To the full extent of the Law (and other than the 100% satisfaction money back guarantee referred to above) we shall not be liable whatsoever for any damage or loss, whether incurred directly or indirectly, actually or consequentially that may arise in any manner from the delivery of services, either wholly or in part, by us to the Customer.  Further, as we do not provide legal, taxation, accounting, financial or any other professional service or advice, clients must obtain these services from their own providers as the client determines from time to time to be necessary.

Ownership of IP rights

We retain all rights to and ownership of all intellectual property imparted or developed during a project and/or course of consultancy. A Client may only use this information internally and may not reproduce any part or adaptation of it for any other purpose without our express written authority. Recommendations do not constitute legal, tax or financial advice.


Expenses in relation to delivering intrastate, interstate or overseas programs are organised and charged back separately under pre-agreed guidelines and may include, flights, meals, accommodation, airport parking, taxis and or associated transfers.


Business Mentoring contracts require 100% of the first month’s fees to confirm engagement. Sales conference programs require a 20% deposit to confirm a conference booking. Monthly invoices are issued on the last day of the month and attract payment terms of 7 days net. All payments are requested to be paid by direct deposit quoting the relevant invoice number.

Version 2.0, December 2017