For over three decades, Neil has been a ground breaker and leader in the hair and beauty industries

His expertise creates new milestones in your business results, by showing you how to capture a greater share of the $5 billion¹ Australian, Hair and Beauty Market. He has launched, sold and distributed major brands, and managed large national and international sales teams.
In every role, it was his skills in persuasion, structure and inspiration that helped those teams deliver strong, predictable sales growth. Then, as a salon business coach, he gained an intimate understanding of the inner workings and motivations of salon owners, their staff and customer profiles.
It’s these three aspects that make Neil’s market vision and understanding, unique.

He believes that generic training doesn’t work

Instead, Neil teaches an industry-specific method.

Tried, tested and developed in the industry, for the industry, it’s different to other ‘generic’ sales trainers and mentors approaches. Built on decades of work in the industry, it’s non-pressure, question-based and very, very persuasive.
He also has a rare insider-view, of what happens on the road in a sales team and their issues – because he’s been there. That hands-on experience helped him test and perfect salon-specific selling systems, approaches and unique IP processes, that create a better ROI on your sales team.
He believes most other ‘generic’ sales training fails to work in this idiosyncratic industry. Salon owners no longer trust sales people and sales results often reflect that disconnect. Neil believes that working to understand your client – and their customers – is the cornerstone of a worthwhile, lasting sales relationship.
His clients have enjoyed unprecedented results upwards of 150% increase, by re-training their sales reps and fine tuning their skills, thanks to his ability to ‘get the market’. Always real, practical and straight-talking, he openly shares his industry knowledge through brand consulting, training programs, seminars, keynotes and one-on-one sales rep supervision.

Talk to Neil, if you want to maximise your sales in the salon and clinic marketplaces. But… expect that he’ll want to find out what your real problems are, before he suggests a solution to change your sales results.

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“This GROWTH Selling workshop has been incredibly enlightening – allowing us to gain more
confidence to guide us into the new stage of selling – Conversation not Presentation.
Looking forward to watching my own development and success grow.”

Janelle – Sabre Corporation NZ

Attendee: GROWTH Selling Sales Training

“Neil showed us a professional, respectful, smart and ‘not-your-typical’ sales approach to improve our sales techniques and to position our company in the top end of the market for future growth.”

Vera – Syneron Candela

Attendee: GROWTH Selling Sales Training

“Neil has given me a new lease on selling or as he says… buying. You have made me feel comfortable with my salon approach.”

Joanne – Luxury Beauty Concepts

Attendee: GROWTH Selling Sales Training

“Neil has been the first sales coach that I have worked with who gives exactly what I need in order to be the best sales coach for my stockists.”

Amanda – Margifox

Attendee: GROWTH Selling Sales Training

“I have been a sales person for 40 years and I found this sales training program to be the most relatable and usable one I have ever attended. The methods and information given to me, will help me in my day-to-day responsibilities. A fresh new approach to achieve my objectives.”

Susan – Total Beauty Network

Attendee: GROWTH Selling Training

1 IBISWorld, Hairdressing and Beauty Services in Australia Report, Published February 2017