We teach you how to grow your sales and increase profits

What we do is unique in the salon, clinic and aesthetic markets

All our approaches, sales rep training, retail training and profit growth programs are specifically designed to suit the hair, beauty and clinic industry’s idiosyncrasies and personalities.

They’ve been developed, tried and tested from within the industry, for the industry.
Why does that matter?
Because in the hair, beauty and body markets, sales people  and clinic teams need to be persuasive. Pushing doesn’t work. Talking doesn’t work. Asking and listening does.


As we’ve grown over the years, we’re often asked what we do

There’s three core areas

Get to Yes, with The SALES CATALYST
Helps salespeople and product suppliers grow sales and build better relationships with their stockists – by asking and listening, instead of telling.
Spendsuasion, with The SALES CATALYST
Helps clinics, salons and aestheticians grow their turnover through the ‘right-fit’ clientele – who happily book, rebook and spend more during their consultations
Cultivate Your Cashflow, with The SALES CATALYST
Helps clinics, salons and aestheticians reduce their financial stress and grow – by adopting an industry-tailored version of the renowned Profit First methodology

Like to see (and use) some of our growth starters?

We offer both free and paid industry-specific training courses and tools

Why not try one of these and see yourself grow

5 Selling Styles in Hair & Beauty_The SALES CATALYST

"I want to know the selling style of my sales reps and how that effects their results"

Our FREE EBOOK on the 5 Selling Styles in Hair and Beauty, helps you understand your low and high performers
Spendsuasion_Client Comfort Curve Growth Plan - The Sales Catalyst

"I'm nervous and lack confidence to re-book, up-sell or cross-sell treatments"

Our FREE Spendsuasion™ Client Comfort Curve helps with better conversations, so clients happily spend
Instant Profit Assessment_The SALES CATALYST(2)

"Often, after I've paid all the bills and wages, there's nothing left for me"

Our FREE Instant Profit Assessment tool helps you understand where your business profits are hiding

Work with us and find out how to grow using engagement, empathy… and to persuade, not push


If you want your salon or clinic team to improve their interactions, have conversations that build relationships and convert inquiries into confirmed bookings, then our Spendsuasion® training will change your business, no matter the size.

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As a certified Profit First Professional, Neil’s mission is to eradicate entrepreneurial poverty in the Hair, Beauty and Aesthetic industries across Australia and New Zealand, so everyone creates sustainable profit.



My brand-sales mentoring programs share 30+ years’ of industry-specific experience and knowledge, to ensure your brand makes real progress, and grows. Because I understand what happens in your business, every day, you only get sales advice that works in the real marketplace

Understand how it works


Our programs are the only industry-specific training methods available for hair and beauty companies, and body care clinics. They uncover the secrets and science of a non-pressure, conversation-based approach that persuades buyers, owners and customers.

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Neil Osborne - The SALES CATALYST

About Neil


Neil Osborne has worked exclusively in the salon, clinic and aesthetic markets for over three decades. He teaches businesses and brands, how to be profitable and commercially clever. 

As a sales and business coach, he’s dramatically grown hundreds of service and product-based brands and businesses, using industry-specific methods that grow their sales, develop their consultation and persuasion skills, and multiply their turnover.

“I’m always reminding my clients of ‘The Rule of Three’ – to grow their turnover, have a steady cashflow and deliver profit in their pocket, every month. Why? Because I’ve learned those very same lessons (sometimes the hard way) over the last 17+ years of coaches salons, clinics and brands, as well as owning and growing my own multi-million-dollar distribution businesses. 

The principles I teach and methods I use are not only proven and easy to apply, they build sustainable growth. By transforming your processes from complex to radically simple and using an industry-specific toolkit, the growth multiplier effect is amazing.”