We teach you how to grow your sales and increase profits in the salon, clinic and aesthetic markets

using a portfolio of industry-specific online, one-on-one and group training programs
for Sales Reps, Sales Managers, Clinic and Salon Owners and their Teams.

We’re sales growth experts

What we do is unique in the salon and clinic markets. We drive your sales results to capitalise on the current growth in the hair, beauty and body markets. All our approaches and sales training programs are specifically designed to suit the hair, beauty and clinic industry’s idiosyncrasies, personalities and irrationalities. They’ve been developed, tried and tested from within the industry, for the industry.

In the hair, beauty and body markets, clinic teams and sales people need to be personable.
Pushing doesn’t work. Talking doesn’t work. Asking and listening does.

Three ways we can help you Get to Yes, now…

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Work with us and find out how to grow using engagement and empathy … persuade, not push.


For the hair, beauty, body and clinic-based markets, industry-specific sales training out performs a generic approach. In a people-focused industry, you get to ‘Yes’ more frequently, by asking and listening, instead of ‘telling’ your brand or product story.

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Our programs are the only industry-specific training methods available for hair and beauty companies, and body care clinics. They uncover the secrets and science of a non-pressure, conversation-based approach that persuades buyers, owners and customers.

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My brand-sales mentoring programs share 30+ years’ of industry-specific experience and knowledge, to ensure your brand makes real progress, and grows. Because I understand what happens in your business, every day, you only get sales advice that works in the real marketplace

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Neil delivers a powerful message about the reality of selling in the salon and clinic marketplace. He mirrors your company direction and delivers takeaways – through keynotes and seminars – that are carried through the year and reflected in rising sales results.

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