GET to YES Podcast | Selling in the Hair, Beauty & Body Industries by Listening, Not Telling

Our GET to YES Podcast teaches selling and persuasion skills that move your clients and customers to buy – by asking and listening to them, not telling or pushing them. If you’re frustrated and struggle to successfully sell in the Hair, Beauty and Body Industries, the GET to YES Sales Podcast will help transform your business, brand and financial reality.
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The GET to YES Podcast is for those B2B sales people and B2C salon and clinic staff who are ready to learn how to talk with, not at, their clients and customers. In each episode, Neil Osborne explains practical ways to master a more empathetic and persuasive sales approach, that’s been proven to dramatically lift sales results. It comfortably moves conversations toward that magical word, yes. Not by being pushy. Nor through talking. It’s by simply asking and listening. Fans of the approach that the GET to YES Podcast teaches, acclaim the powerful messages it delivers and how they’ve built better client relationships, respectfully moved them to action and created growth for both their brands and clients. The GET to YES Podcast celebrates the fact that in a people-focused industry, you get to ‘Yes’ more frequently, by asking and listening, instead of ‘telling’ your brand or product story.   Note: Remember to check the B2B or B2C descriptor in the Podcast title, for the most suitable episode for you.

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Selling in the Hair, Beauty & Body Industries

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Your business faces unique challenges. In a private Sales Training Program or Workshop, we’ll tailor our proven GET to YES framework to solve them. Let us come to you. We’ll help you understand that asking and listening works better than talking, to grow your sales. Schedule a no-pressure phone call to learn more.