Who’s the middle-child of your sales team?

So… of the five types of sales reps in the Salon Industry, I’ve introduced you to the Caller and Teller – the 5-10 per-centers.

But what about the ones in the middle – you know, the majority of your sales team?

Who are they?

“The Seller” is exciting to work with, on-road.


  • They’ve discovered that there’s more to this selling game, than they first thought…
  • They’re open to learning…
  • And therefore, they have the largest scope for (skill) growth… so they’re keen to be trained.

* * *

The Seller has figured out that selling (like everything else in our industry) is a process – and it has a start (getting attention) and a finish (closing the sale).

They’ve also realised that clients buy benefits, not features.

Reviewing their sales calls has become a bit of a habit, but they’re generally too quick to identify their mistakes. So what? Well, in doing that, they’re overlooking the opportunities that lay hidden in what went well in the call and are bypassing where they can build that success, into the next call.

Sellers have realised that to close, they need to ask good questions.

However, unfortunately some are still using the questions that salon owners find embarrassing, like “You’d have to be interested in that” (or a version thereof).

But the best news? Cold Calls are the domain of the Seller.

They relish the chasing game, believe that cold calling is a numbers game and that every salon is a “Suspect” (the layer before a “Prospect”). Their average daily call rate is high and they’re not afraid of the possible rejection that comes with churning through large numbers of calls.

They’re also keen to measure their work and review results and are constantly looking at how they can get even just a 10% improvement.

With a sales success rate of 20%, in all likelihood Sellers make up the majority of your sales team.

* * *

So… who are the rest of your team? Find out here…

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