The silent sales achievers… who are they?

Let’s recap the five types of Salon sales reps we’ve covered so far – the Caller (5% success rate), the Teller (10% rate) and the Seller (20% rate).

They’re all (more often than not, overly) verbal, enthusiastic and full of potential… that’s just waiting to be trained and tapped.

But the down side of these three types? None of them come anywhere close to the desirable 50% sales success rate… and worse still, in numbers, they make up the bulk of your sales team.

So who’s left? You know, those that have a 50% or above success rate and are everything that the other three styles aspire to be?

There’s just two.

  * * *

First, there’s the silent sales achiever of your team – The Listener.

They’re not as gregarious as a Seller, so to understand them, you need to go out on the road and work with them.

Why? Because their talent lies hidden in their silence.

Ahh yes. They’ve realised that the careful art of listening holds the power.

First the question. Then silence. To listen. To the owner’s answer.

They clearly understand that it’s not all about them – it’s about the salon owner.

Listeners have a store of business questions that they constantly add-to, by listening to salon owners and understanding their challenges.

Business development roles are right up their alley, because they listen before they suggest any solutions that are a possible fit to help the salon grow (and in-turn grow their sales). And by tuning into the problems of others, Listeners are comfortable communicating at all levels so as a result, they often have a solid percentage of their sales coming from larger salons, chains or groups.

Listeners accept both objections and rejection as a part of their high level game, seeing them as opportunities to select their opportunities better and practice their silent achiever skills.

Conscientious, organised, disciplined and learned in their craft, Listeners are open to learning new skills. They’re always on the lookout for different ways to engage people and are eager to find new ways to bend questions… to secure a different, more favourable response.

Achievement orientated, they’ll be in the top 20% of your sales team, and have a sales success rate of 50%

  * * *

So… who’s the final, fifth type of salon sales rep? Find out here…

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