E17: B2B When a Prospect Goes Quiet


This episode shares one of Neil’s infield training experiences, with a new BDM in the Aesthetic industry.

The story takes you through a day of cold calls on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Towards the end of the day, BDM Jenny, shares with Neil her disappointment when a hot new business enquiry had suddenly gone quiet.

Has that happened to you…? Yes? Then revisit the steps to take, as their conversation unfolds. Share the emotional highs and lows that landing a new account can deliver, when it goes from about to close, to deathly quiet. Hear what Jenny did and how a secret email called the ‘Dragon’s Den,’ saved the deal.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What to do when a prospective new account goes quiet
  • How to behave when you feel you’ve moved into the chasing game
  • How Jenny saved the order, and secured both the commission and recognition she deserved
  • Request a copy of the ‘Dragon’s Den’ email



E17: B2B When a Prospect Goes Quiet

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