E7: B2B Handling Sales Objections ‘The Rule of 3’ – Personal

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Sales objections can be highly frustrating for unskilled sales people, especially when you’re enthusiastically presenting your new retail range and you’re greeted with the obvious objection “We have heaps of retail… we don’t need anymore. “How do you respond to that?

Neil continues to unpack his Rule of 3 for handling sales objections and offers real and practical examples and tips. By identifying that first sales objection as ‘public’, he goes on to share possible responses and how to further explore the objection so that you can move on to discover the ‘personal’ objection (or the second layer) which is where the real conversation lies.

Now you’re no longer talking about an objection, but rather a training opportunity that you can solve.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • A deeper understanding of The Rule of 3
  • Discover the key question to move beyond the first ‘public’ objection to discover the second layer, the ‘personal’ objection
  • How to avoid using leading questions
  • How to turn a sales objection into a conversation
  • How Neil use’s Anthony Robbins saying “Success Leaves Clues”
  • What to focus on after your sales call
  • How your phone can become your greatest learning tool



E7: B2B Handling Sales Objections ‘The Rule of 3’ – Personal

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