E6: B2B Handling Sales Objections ‘The Rule of 3’ – Public

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Neil opens this episode with the question that he gets asked most, by B2B salespeople (or those people that are selling products to Salon Owners – be it beauty salons, skin clinics and/or hairdressing salons). That question is “How do I handle sales objections?”

Neil shares his Rule of 3, which covers Public, Personal and Private objections. He also discusses which objections you need to ignore and which ones you need to ask more about.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • A clear definition of what a sales objection is
  • How to handle a sample sales objection, such as “We have heaps of retail and we don’t need anymore.”
  • How unskilled sales people bash away at that first ‘public’ objection, with no success
  • You’ll be introduced to the Rule of 3
  • An explanation of the three types of sales objection you’ll face – Public, Personal and Private
  • Learn that in most cases, the first sales objection is a fob-off or an excuse
  • How to respond and handle that initial ‘public’ objection
  • Key questions to ask to gather more information
  • Practicing questioning skills



E6: B2B Handling Sales Objections ‘The Rule of 3’ – Public

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