E5: B2B Expos: Turning Your Expo Experience into Sales

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Your sales leads database is the key to post-expo sales success. Neil explains how you need to define whether your goal is to gain a short-term sale, or to build a long-term relationship. He also shares some strong views about keeping your sales team out of the ‘chasing’ game in the post-expo period. Other areas covered are how to plan and practice your team’s sales approach with different types of clients, and the importance of managing your numbers through a dashboard report.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to manage your expo lead database – because the sales you make is connected to the way you manage it
  • Clear sales tactics that you can employ to build a client relationship
  • Keeping your clients warm and approaching with respect, especially at the upper levels of the industry
  • Mapping and practicing a post-expo sales approach
  • Sales team delegation, diligence, management and reporting
  • Creating urgency



Episode 5: B2B Expos: Turning Your Expo Experience into Sales

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