E37: B2C Interview Laura Elkaslassy – Managing clinic expenses for more profit


This episode unpacks some initial steps you can take to help manage your business cash flow. Some people say that cash-flow is uninspiring but Profit First® takes an approach that removes the high-emotion aspects of managing your business cash flow and replaces them with behavioural rewards that keep you interested.

Neil’s again joined by his guest, Laura Elkaslassy – a certified Profit First™ Professional. Laura’s passion for business profitability is frequently felt throughout the episode, as she offers advice on a different structure for your bank accounts. By following Laura’s advice, you’ll remove the emotional roller-coaster ride around managing the ups and downs of your cash flow.

Neil concludes with a simple starting point to help reduce your stress and move to having greater clarity around the financial side of your business.

In this episode you’ll learn about:

    • A different approach to managing your business bank account
    • Some of the Profit First® structures and how they can benefit you
    • How to shift your financial flow away from emotional management, to a more structured approach

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