E36: B2C Interview w/- Katie Crismale-Marshal – How Profit First for Tradies has turned around businesses


Neil’s guest, Katie Crismale-Marshal, is author of the book “Profit First for Tradies”. She is also a Certified Profit First Professional, a Bookkeeper and Small Business Strategist. On the surface, tradespeople and beauty/hair industry professionals seem vastly different, however Neil and Katie discuss their similarities and how the concepts of running a business are the same for everyone.

Katie and Neil also chat about the foundational principles of the Profit First® system – particularly Katie’s view of cash management – and she suggests an easy starting point for us all to adopt.  She suggests that your financials are the foundations of your business, and if you don’t get them under control… then nothing else matters and at some point, in the future, you’ll probably go broke.

Another area they touch on, is that ‘volume’ is not always the solution to your financial challenges

In this episode you’ll learn about:

    • Cash Management
    • Foundation principles of Profit First®
    • That volume is not always the solution
    • How to take your cash management from frustration to comfort and confidence
    • Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity

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