E9: B2B Using Buying Signals to Shorten a Sales Close


In this episode, Neil discusses something that every B2B salesperson experiences – whether they’re selling to the hair, beauty or body industry. What’s that? Buying signals. And if they’re read and handled correctly, they can significantly shorten your sales process and take you from a sales presentation straight to a close, in a comfortable and respectful way.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • A clear definition of what’s a buying signal
  • How most sales people respond to a buying signal, with an answer (and nothing else)
  • How to respond to the sample buying signal, “How long does it take for delivery?”
  • Neil shares two typical examples, of how answering the client’s question doesn’t necessarily progress the sale
  • Learn how to respond with a polite and respectful question – one that will unveil what your buyer is really thinking
  • Exactly when to deliver your answer
  • How to attach a trial close, to gain acceptance
  • Examples of trial closes that help you gain more information



E9: B2B Using Buying Signals to Shorten a Sales Close

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