B2B Buying Signals – Video Training

Are You Using Buying Signals to Shorten Your Sales Close?

Learn how to respond to buying signals from B2B clients

Once you get to understand buying signals, if you read them correctly
you can significantly shorten your sales process and they’ll take you straight from a sales presentation to a close,
in a comfortable and respectful way.

Learn how to recognise and respond to buying signals

and increase your sales teams’ sell-in results

with a live 60-minute industry-based video conference training session.

In our B2B Buying Signals Video Training Conference Call, your sales team will discover:

  • How to recognise and respond to buying signals
  • Understand what your true goal is, when a buying signal comes your way
  • How most salespeople respond to buying signals with just an answer
  • How to respond to the buying signal, “How long does it take for delivery?”
  • How to stop your presentation (midway through) and respond to a buying signal
  • How to respond with a polite and respectful question – that uncovers what your buyer is really thinking
  • When to deliver an answer to your client
  • How to attach a trial close, to gain acceptance

This interactive video training call will build your team’s confidence in recognising and responding to buying signals – and help them secure more sales.

During your video conference call training, your team learns:

  • A clear definition of what a buying signal is
  • Examples of trial closes that help you gain more information
  • How to respond if a buying signal comes up during the middle of a sales presentation
Each video conference training call is conducted via Zoom, to a maximum of 10 delegates.

For larger groups, contact Neil for options.


“Neil has a wonderful skill of changing the perception of a sales team and what they perceive to be correct way of selling. Your ideas and training held the interest of the team all day. I’m sure there will be a lot more new accounts after this training.”

Lesley McKernin – National Sales Manager, Inika Cosmetics

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