E4: B2B Expos: Reducing Your Stress During the Expo

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Managing your stress during an expo is the difference between feeling like you’re running non-stop and enjoying your expo, knowing you have solid systems in place. Neil discusses the importance of having a great lead capture system, the various ones he’s used, as well as some of the big mistakes he’s seen companies make at expos. He also introduces the concept of a bridging strategy, that’s designed to seamlessly turn your expo time into real sales, post-expo.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • An easy way to collect accurate contact information from leads
  • Have a clear plan to connect the expo experience to the next step after expo
  • Different ways to collect information from the contacts you have at the expo
  • Some of the mistakes companies make and how it’s cost them dearly
  • How to build an effective bridging strategy
  • How to make the post-expo meeting an extension of the expo



Episode 4: B2B Expos: Reducing Your Stress During the Expo

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