B2C Retail Persuasion Gets to Yes – Workshop

How do you increase sales in your Salons and Clinics…

to get 50-100% increase in retail, add-on services and treatments?

Learn the skill of persuasion, to Get to Yes

Pushing doesn’t work

Talking doesn’t work

Asking questions and listening does


A lot of salon therapists, nurses and hairdressers bamboozle their customers
with too much product and treatment information – so much, that they don’t end up buying anything.
Not everybody needs to know everything to buy…

That’s why this highly interactive and fun retail training program starts

with the simple realisation that ‘telling ain’t selling’.

In the B2C Retail Persuasion Gets to Yes Program, salon staff learn:

  • That persuasion (or selling) is a simple process
  • There’s a beginning, a middle and an end
  • Once they follow the process, their confidence grows and so does retail sales.

This workshop is highly interactive and suits a group of your clients.

But be aware, they’ll be required to have fun and lots of laughs.

Your clients and their staff will leave with:

  • A smile
  • A new professional skill
  • A completed workbook
  • Renewed motivation and desire to implement
  • A clear action plan of what to say and do, how to do it and when

They’ll learn:

  • The 4 steps of persuasion, using the ‘Wheel of Persuasion’
  • How to ask great questions
  • Identifying a buying signal and how to respond
  • How to upgrade a client
  • 3 comfortable ways to close a sale
  • What to say when a client says ‘No’
  • How to use the ‘Rule of 3’

A variety of structures and program content is available.

Our most popular Retail Persuasion Workshops are:

  • Get to Yes
  • 3 Steps to Introduce a New Treatment or Product
  • How to Upgrade a Client
  • What to do When Your Client Says ‘NO’
  • How to Make Closing Easy, Every Time

To discuss a program designed for you and your clients, contact Neil for options.


“So far I have focused on asking more questions and taking time to hear what the client needs to say. Have already noticed a change in my sales.”

Nicole Claughton – Laser Clinics Australia

“Neil really hit the nail on the head with his take on great customer service and the way we should be communicating with clients and potential clients.The concept of Ask-> LISTEN-> Sell really resonated with me as it taught us that no matter how much we know the most important part of the interaction is to listen first. His interaction with our group was second to none and I hope to work with him in the future.”

Charlotte Antwan – Evolution Laser Clinics

“Since undertaking the GET To YES program, my confidence in sales has grown, my product sales are the best they have been since starting with the company and I’m selling an increased number of skin packages.”

Sarah McPherson – Laser Clinics Australia

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Your business faces unique challenges. In a private Sales Training Program or Workshop, we’ll tailor our proven GET to YES framework to solve them. Let us come to you. We’ll help you understand that asking and listening works better than talking, to grow your sales. Schedule a no-pressure phone call to learn more.