Got Junk in Your Trunk? Why brands need push, pull and proof to make it big

“Every journey is better when you travel in style. And just like the best jean and boot brands, luggage is promoted for its style, impact and status, or its functionality. Simplistically, salon products are no different. In the fifth of this series of branding articles, Neil Osborne explains how the art of using push-and-pull promotion techniques is now joined by social proof … for your brand to gain trust, respect and attention in the salon marketplace.

You’re probably already thinking that luggage (and I include handbags here) have absolutely nothing to do with salon products. Really?

Luggage, leather goods and your must-have bag are all attention seeking devices. They’re used as symbols to signify your status, mobility, wealth, style and exclusivity and are as unique and telling as the person totting them. Through purposeful marketing and promotion, you’ve unconsciously learned which brands are the best, most expensive and celebrity supported. Let me explain…

Prior to WWI, luggage was functional. There were large, heavy trunks that were far from luxurious. Purses were the opposite. They were small, lavish and an obvious symbol of wealth, rather than a useful accessory.

As travel became more widespread, luggage and handbags somehow fused – both taking on not just practical forms, but also culturally significant ones. They became status symbols and along the way, great brands were built.

Luxurious luggage and a must-have handbag lend you their glamour … to make a grand entrance and promote your worth. That attention (and the social proof that flows from it) is exactly what you need, to succeed in the branding business.

PART Five: Promotion & Proof

In today’s fast paced marketplace, you need to grab attention – from salon owners, clients or consumers – and secure trust and belief in your brand. That takes work. And that’s called promotion…”

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