Pitch me or close me. Please…

Many people try to pitch a close with a statement.

How does that work?”

Well, it doesn’t.

The other day I was doing some on-road training. And the biggest problem that sales people in our industry have, hit me smack in the face (like a badly pitched baseball)…

They’re tellers not sellers.

Tellers try to close with statements. When there’s no response, well … they start telling again. And on it goes, in a continuous loop.

Here are 3 tips to overcome that:

1. A close is posed as a question, not a statement.

Tellers will find this first step a challenge. But with perseverance and training they will get it, and their results will shift – sharply – upwards.

2. Closing is not a manipulative skill, it’s a conversation.

By definition, a conversation requires an exchange between two people. Therefore a close works best as a question – especially where alternatives or choices are offered to the buyer. This is far more comfortable (and successful) for both buyer and seller.

3. Adopt the closed mouth position.

This is far the greatest skill. After you pose a closing question … SHUT UP! Why? Because the next person who talks, buys.


Try these three tips and see what a difference it makes to your results. Forever.

Are your team tellers or sellers?

Or maybe they’re closing with statements?

Do they need some training and support from an expert?

Call me today and let’s chat about how we can change your sales line.

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