I’m curious. How was it for you …?

Hair Expo. Was it good for you too ?

I know I don’t look it *tongue in cheek,* but to be honest it was way past my ‘first-time.’

It was actually my 19th time; but this year it was quite a different experience for me.

This year I did my best to approach it like I was two or three years old.
I tried to look at everything with new eyes.

Full of wonder.
Bubbling with curiosity.
Watching and listening to everything.

So typical of a three year old I was thinking fast, in amongst it and asking lots of questions – of both myself and others.


But try as I might to be curious and open, as I chatted it came back to the same old questions:

“Who was engaging me? Who was building trust and creating connections?”

For me, the answers came in three forms:

1. A select few stands took the time to ask questions and listened to my responses.

They engaged me and subtly wove their product and its concepts through our conversation. There was no pressure.

Expo Takeaway: These experiences were positive.


2. Some of the bigger stands didn’t even try to interact with me.

As I paused, the huddle of sales people stopped, looked and spontaneously decided I wasn’t their prime target. They then returned to their own conversations.

Expo Takeaway: These experiences were wasteful.


3. In some instances I was talked at continually.

These weren’t conversations. They were one sided lectures about product features, with no thought or mention about how it may benefit me. At the end of the spiel I was handed a flyer or a bag.

Expo Takeaway: These experiences were negative.


Which of these experiences encouraged me to buy?

Which was insulting and short-sighted?

And which turned me off?

If this happened to me, a nineteen-year veteran of the Hair Expo experience, how many others were treated the same and are now turned off a brand by a poor sales experience?

Too many I’d think.

And the majority of those businesses can ill-afford clients walking the other way.

Hair Expo is designed to showcase your brand, product and people to the marketplace.
It’s the ideal situation to bring your brand to life.

And hopefully engage some new hearts.

After all, that’s why we were all at Hair Expo.

Wasn’t it?


Photo credit: jon madison via photopin cc

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