Are you ready to take the leap of faith – over the sales chasm?

Remember the scene in Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade, where Indie had to step out into The Unknown to get across a (seemingly) invisible bridge?


If he didn’t cross the chasm his father would die … what to do?

He had to believe that something solid would appear under his foot.

Is that the same situation you find yourself in right now with your sales targets for 2013?

Of late I’ve had several conversations with sales managers that strongly reminded me of that scene – step forward or go back?

In front of them is what I’d call The Sales Chasm – the gap between the targets and where they’re tracking.

It’s a yawning chasm that’s been slowly widening since mid-2012, and causing increasing pain across the industry.

But behind them is failure; an unthinkable option, especially for those with overseas partners.

To get across  the chasm – to the budgeted sales – will require a huge leap of faith, a commitment that many are unsure they can make.

Is there another way across?

“Strategy will compensate for talent, but talent will never compensate for strategy.” ~ Marco Pierre White

The question begs … What’s your strategy?

Do you have one to achieve your April to June quarter sales?

Generally, there are only two options:

  1. Get the clients you have to spend more
  2. Find new clients that will spend what your existing clients are spending

To achieve either of these you need to train your team how to use a rifle and aim it, rather than using a shotgun and making a mess (figuratively speaking).

With training they’ll hit the target every time.

Sales training is the most cost effective return on investment (ROI) in times when your sales team needs specific (not general) skills to achieve their sales targets.

Are you training your team?
Or are you just expecting a different result?
Now is decision time.

Are you prepared to take the leap of faith?

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