Which of the five types of hair and beauty salespeople do you have in your sales team?

What percentage of sales effectiveness does each style deliver to your sales results?

Let’s find out!

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5 Selling Styles in Hair & Beauty_The SALES CATALYST

Here’s what you’ll learn in this Selling Styles outline:

  • Who you have in your team
  • How they compare to other salespeople
  • What percentage of sales effectiveness each style delivers
  • Why sales are being missed, that should have been won
  • Where each style’s sales skills need to be improved
  • How selling style influences low or high sales performance
  • The skills each style needs to move to the next level
5 Selling Styles in Hair & Beauty_The SALES CATALYST

Happy clients prove our methods work

“I have been a sales person for 40 years and I found this sales training program to be the most relatable and usable one I have ever attended. The methods and information given to me, will help me in my day-to-day responsibilities. A fresh new approach to achieve my objectives.”


Total Beauty Network

“Neil’s ability to ‘read the play’ and offer practical and clear guidance when it comes to getting the most from a sales team, is what makes him stand out from the crowd. His industry experience allows him to meaningfully engage with like-minded sales professionals and his respectful delivery ensures the audience is truly engaged.”


Global Sales Manager, ASAP Skin Products

“No matter how experienced you are, or how many sales trainings you’ve done, Neil always manages to find a new and exciting way to help you develop your skills.”


Managing Director, Candela

Neil Osborne | The SALES CATALYST

About the creator


Neil Osborne has worked exclusively in the salon, clinic and aesthetic markets for over three decades. He teaches businesses and brands, how to be profitable and commercially clever. 

As a sales and business coach, he’s dramatically grown hundreds of service and product-based brands and businesses, using industry-specific methods that grow their sales, develop their consultation and persuasion skills, and multiply their turnover.

“I’m always reminding my clients of ‘The Rule of Three’ – to grow their turnover, have a steady cashflow and deliver profit in their pocket, every month. Why? Because I’ve learned those very same lessons (sometimes the hard way) over the last 17+ years of coaches salons, clinics and brands, as well as owning and growing my own multi-million-dollar distribution businesses. 

The principles I teach and methods I use are not only proven and easy to apply, they build sustainable growth. By transforming your processes from complex to radically simple and using an industry-specific toolkit, the growth multiplier effect is amazing.”