Who’s curious, modest and yet amazing successful in sales?

The last of the five types of Salon sales reps is The Conversationalist.

The Conversationalist is also known as the Million Dollar Rep.

Yep, that’s right. They achieve a million dollars (or greater) in sales each and every year, from a normal sales territory in Australia.

How? They are equal parts sales strategist and client counselor.

  * * *

They’re the professionals within your team – comfortable at all business levels, articulate, industry knowledgeable and skilled. Their genuine, gentle level of curiosity is respected by everyone they contact.

The Million Dollar Rep understands their clients’ business, intimately.

By asking advanced questions, they’ve earned their clients’ respect, and continually offer and deliver solid advice and solutions. It hasn’t happened overnight, but it has happened.

Conversationalists are constantly reading, listening and researching new questions and how to bend those questions to better understand their clients and build rapport.

Their success with new business and selling-in new products is incredible – they ask questions that help the prospect uncover the answer to their own question. This singularly is one of their most important sales skills.

Contrary to popular belief (that successful sales people are pushy), Conversationalists understand that the more they push, the more the prospect retreats. Instead, they use their questioning skills to create interest and intrigue… drawing the buyer into a deep and meaningful business conversation.

Being well rounded people, they’ve learned that personal traits such as modesty are of a higher order than narcissism. For them, the Golden Rule of reciprocity – treating others as one would wish to be treated oneself – is their law and order.

Conversationalists are achievement orientated. However, they’re not just focused on their own results. They fully understand that being on-the-spot coaches will help others achieve their goals and in return ensure them, an oncoming sales/income stream.

The Conversationalist has a sales success rate of 80%

  * * *

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