What’s Baked into Your Brand? Is it FAB?

“It’s actually almost alchemical. Put sticky spoonfuls of dough in the oven and you get warm, gooey cookies. Except … it’s not really magic, it’s science. But yes, their intoxicating power does endow you with so much feel-goodness, that you can’t help but go “mmm” at reading this. And that’s exactly what a great brand message should do for you. In this article Neil Osborne explains why baking benefits into everything you say … makes your brand as irresistible as fresh-baked cookies.

You like soft gooey centres. He likes a snap to the bite. Oh, if only there was a cookie recipe that pleased everyone all the time. Yes, it’s tough in the kitchen. Just like the omelette and risotto (which many believe are the true test of a chef) the humble cookie is the baker’s crucible.

Why? So few ingredients, yet so many possibilities for disaster.

Brand messaging mirrors the pastry chef’s cookie challenge — because it’s what goes into making a message that makes all the difference. Now pay close attention, I’m about to share my best message baking secret. I learnt it—not at the floured bench of a great pastry chef—but from reading master copywriters.

It’s just one word. Benefits.

Sitting at the very heart of great messaging, benefits make you feel. They make you want, without logic. But… to be honest, they won’t turn you into a domestic goddess (although you will feel like one when you bake messages with them).

Benefits create interest and desire. Just like cookie-goodness.

Technique is the key to baking and likewise, great brand messages use tried and tested formulas. The next baking secret I want to share, is a classic messaging formula — FAB. A simple acronym, FAB is in the same league as the ‘Warm Rule’ of cookies — that even a bad cookie straight from the oven is appealing.

So let’s start baking…”

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