What Business Are You Really In? Are you cultivating limited life or lifetime clients…?

“A lifetime salon client spends $35,000. But to have one (or many) of them, you need to clearly know what your business delivers. Neil Osborne explains how having those clients – ‘lifetime clients’ – involves an experience, not an exchange.

Generally speaking, keeping and growing a business is solely dependent on whether or not your customers stick around. Sticky clients are those who rebook, return and happily pay for retail as well as unleashing their crowd spruiking power through word-of-mouth endorsement of your service … provided it’s worthy. That’s the golden nugget of truth.

Business has moved on from the simple exchange of goods and services for a fee. Today’s customers are sophisticated, demanding and knowledgeable and successful businesses understand the long term value of their clients – their ‘lifetime value.’

Those businesses know what they deliver: and what business they’re in. They understand that they DO work in customer service … not just hairdressing.

They set about attracting and building a loyal, recurring clientele and give them real reasons to part with their hard-earned cash. They focus on the long term potential of clients to add longevity and value. Simplistically, they put consistent effort into the how, what and why of their service…”

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