The LBD of Branding: Packaging that walks your talk

“A little black dress (LBD) is an essential in every wardrobe – you can’t be without one. Your product packaging is equally important. It can make your brand stand out, blend in or become a timeless must-have. In the second of this series of branding articles, Neil Osborne explains how the right (or wrong) packaging can make or break your brand’s success.

Building a brilliant brand comes from building a mixture of unique characteristics – performance, benefits, positioning, environment, packaging or distribution – that form its base. The combination of those characteristics should clearly separate your brand from its competitors. Otherwise it will be lost in sameness, the sea of grey.

In our industry, where appearance is important, grey is not the place to be. Instead, your brand needs to take a stand with its look and feel. But in a world where customers now drive much of your marketing, there’s little left where you have control – packaging and its performance are the exception to the rule…”

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