Could your team handle another $517,000 in sales?

Sometimes honesty can be disarming.

And powerful.

In a good way.

Especially… when it comes to knowing your team’s strengths and weaknesses.

Recently a client identified the majority of her sales team as the ‘Teller’ sales type, with just one ‘Seller’ in the group.

She also admitted they were all brilliant at product knowledge and education (having technical backgrounds) … but their cold calling skills were stale and they were struggling with bringing on new business.

Some new accounts had been coming in, but only as a result of leads generated by head office – of which 70-80% were being closed.

But then she lay bare the real challenge.

The ongoing cost of brand advertising was placing a huge burden on the business.

To counter this, she wanted to lift the call rate of her team and further increase the amount of new business they were (supposed to be) already bringing in…

So we did some basic calculations.

Assuming the team averaged a new business opening order at $2,000 and maintained an average client spend of $450 per month, her team of five could generate an additional $517,000 in new business over the coming 12 months.


What would that do for your top line and marketing budget?

  * * *

Here’s a summary of the 5 types of sales people in our industry so you can understand your team’s needs and do some calculations for your own business…



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