E46: B2C Interview w/- Kelly Kent, Owner of Cranium Hair


This Clinic Growth Sprints guest interview is with a very astute salon owner, Kelly Kent, the founder and owner of Cranium Hair – a multi award winning salon in Manly, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Kelly confesses that while she never focused on dollars, she has always focused on the important KPIs and performance markers which allowed her to grow and improve her client servicing skills.

Kelly openly discusses the different phases she’s moved through, since opening her own salon in 1997. Cranium has been profitable from day one and that was due to her early understandings of the percentages required to run a profitable business. As Kelly states, she was never strong at maths, however once the money started coming out of her back pocket, it really made her change her approach.

She also shares how she went from a highly profitable salon to a period where she lost focus – resulting in money being wasted and her percentages drifting. She also talks with Neil about how she expanded into beauty and then realised it didn’t work – so she quickly withdrew. An amazing learning experience.

In this episode you’ll learn about:

    • How ego can get in the way of success
    • How making timely decisions is the way to stay profitable
    • The frequency that Kelly reviews her Profit & Loss
    • How Kelly looks at and responds to trends and areas of change
    • That money is the result of you doing our job well

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