E39: B2C Interview w/- Richard Barram – Clinic lease renegotiations to produce more profit


Again, we’re joined by Richard Barram from the Barram Property Group – our resident expert on lease negotiations. This episode covers the key points to cover when renegotiating your lease, to ensure that it positively contributes to your business stability. We also explore the avenues available to reduce some of the costs associated with your lease.

It’s fair to say that Richard’s work starts from the premise that the leasing market has changed. And that means that perhaps you also need to change the way you think about your lease. He covers important ideas like: if your lease is coming up for renewal, are you better off having your lease viewed as a sitting tenant, or is there an advantage in renegotiating as if you were a new tenant? Richard shares a view that may end up delivering substantial savings to you and your business, so don’t miss his suggestions.

Two of the key messages throughout all Richard’s interviews are the steps you can take to increase your value to your landlord, and that everything is negotiable.

In this episode you’ll learn about:

    • How to get your landlord to understand with your needs
    • How your lease renegotiation can produce savings
    • Clear action steps you can take to look for savings in your lease agreement

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