E30: B2C What’s your clinic growth plan for greater profitability?


No matter whether you’ve just re-opened from a COVID lockdown or are fortunate enough to have stayed open through the restrictions, it’s time to re-think your clinic growth plan, to ensure that it’s profitable, and that it survives long-term.

In this episode, Neil discusses the traditional 3-step strategy used to promote and grow clinics, being ATTRACT, DELIVER and PROFIT. This 3-step method is built around first attracting clients, then delivering the treatment, service, or retail sale. At the end, clinic owners are then left trying to find the profit they’ve made (if any) on the work they’ve just done.

To survive in today’s marketplace, Neil’s suggesting that you need to flip the 3-step model, to instead be PROFIT, DELIVER and ATTRACT. He argues that to survive the post-COVID environment, your business needs to first be profitable… before you start attracting more clients that may be adding (or subtracting) from your profitability. It’s a radical shift for many, but one that ensures you’re prioritising the cashflow of your business and therefore the security of your livelihood.

In this episode you’ll learn:

    • Why you need to rethink the traditional business model for clinics
    • The adjustments you need to make to the ‘old’ business model
    • The benefits of putting profit first
    • Steps you can take to ensure that your clinic’s profitable, and it survives long term

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