E3: B2B Expos: How Are You Going to Get People to Talk to You?

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This episode challenges the basic beliefs of a salesperson. Many of us have experienced the salesperson who believes that it’s their job to engage the prospect or buyer. It’s not. Neil explains his belief that it’s his job to conduct himself in a way where people want to engage him – which makes a big difference to the sales conversations he shares. He also doesn’t like to sell until he’s asked, and he shares with you why and how. Finally, he discusses how to adjust your conversations to suit different grades of salons and clinics.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Who is your AVATAR? Your ideal client
  • Experiences with qualifying delegates
  • Key questions you can use to gain attention and engagement
  • A great qualifying question
  • Turning a company’s presentation on its head by shifting from telling to asking
  • The different ways you need to communicate when you’re talking with large vs small clients



Episode 3: B2B Expos: How Are You Going to Get People to Talk to You?

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