E29: B2C Are you a Teller, Seller or Persuader?


Over the years, Neil’s visited a lot of clinics. And during those visits, he’s witnessed a variety of communication styles that’ve been used with customers – some good, and some not so good. In this episode, he breaks down those experiences into the three main communication styles he’s seen (and heard) – the Teller, Seller and Persuader.

Neil shares the different behaviours of each of the three in-salon and in-clinic communication styles and suggests some shifts that both the Teller and Seller can immediately practice – to help improve their persuasion skills.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • If you’re a Teller, you’ll learn:
    • What to do when a client’s eyes glaze over during a conversation with them
    • How to stop talking, talking, talking
  • If you’re a Seller, you’ll learn”
    • What to do when it goes silent, after you’ve proposed that a client buy
    • Simple suggestions to help you close better and more comfortably
  • If you’re aspiring to become a Persuader, Neil shares his 10 Commandments of Being Persuasive, where he lists the behaviours to avoid and what to replace them with
  • Where to join our members only Facebook Group – The Salon + Clinic Hub​ – to learn, share and celebrate

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