E25: B2B Hair Salon Owner Interview with Wendy Young


In this industry interview, Neil speaks with Wendy Young, from The Hairdresser in Greenwich, Sydney, to further his understanding of how salon owners view sales reps. Wendy’s a long-time salon owner and has built a highly successful salon with a team of 10 on the Lower North Shore of Sydney.

Wendy shares some interesting insights around the importance and business benefits of a having a salon receptionist – Wendy’s salon has two of them. Her team also only works a 4-day week, even though the salon is open 6 days. Wendy’s a big believer in encouraging her team to have a great lifestyle outside of work and in return, she’s found that by working a shorter week, they’re more productive. She also shares her thoughts on working with salespeople – there’s lots of gold sprinkled throughout the interview.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How a suburban salon can be highly successful
  • How Wendy discovered that profitability occurred once she reached a team of 7 people
  • The importance of having a clear view about managing your team and the vital role of a receptionist
  • Key thoughts around the most important sales rep behaviours and how they can impact the owner-rep relationship

E25: B2B Hair Salon Owner Interview w/ Wendy Young | The SALES CATALYST


Wendy Young, owner of The Hairdresser in Greenwich, Sydney NSW

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