E22: B2B Prospecting Using LinkedIn


Do you carry a business card? It was once drummed into reps that a card was the best way to introduce
yourself, offer your contact details, or to leave as a reminder. Today there’s a better tool, and it offers some amazing benefits. LinkedIn is a platform specifically designed for career and business professionals to connect. And it’s a goldmine for salespeople.

Neil introduces several basic yet effective steps to improve your LinkedIn profile so that it’s more attractive to potential clients. He goes on to cover the protocol of sending out connection invitations and once you start getting connections, how to respond. Neil concludes with some simple tips on how to add value to your contacts, attract more contacts and get new business.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to use LinkedIn to build an industry profile
  • Simple steps to improve the attractiveness of your LinkedIn Profile
  • The importance of your headline descriptor and how to improve it
  • A step-by-step way to send out a connection invitation that works
  • 3 examples of positive invitations
  • How to add value to your connections and ultimately attract new business



E22: B2B Prospecting Using LinkedIn

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