E21: B2B Prospecting – Consultative Selling Stage 1


This episode covers the first critical step in the Consultative Selling process – Prospecting. It discusses the two types of lead generation – in-bound and out-bound – and points out that if you attempt to survive on only in-bound inquiries, you won’t achieve your KPI’s.

We then take an aerial view and look at the big picture of planning a productive territory plan. Neil discusses the three critical planning steps when building your territory plan and he breaks down how many ‘suspects’ you need in your new business funnel to make your numbers work. Some of the statistics will certainly surprise you. Finally, the episode covers the difference between KPI’s and KPA’s and which you need to focus on, for success.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The first step of the Consultative Selling process –­ prospecting
  • The differences between and in-bound lead and an out-bound suspect/prospect
  • A metaphor to aid with productive territory planning
  • The importance of protecting the time you allocate to prospecting
  • Discover how many leads you need to put into your new business funnel
  • The difference between KPI’s and KPA’s and which to focus on for ongoing success



E21: B2B Prospecting – Consultative Selling Stage 1

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