E20: B2B The 7 Steps of Consultative Selling


This episode explains the seven steps of Consultative Selling and a new online self-assessment tool – the Sales Acumen Survey – that helps diagnose how skilled or unskilled you are, across those seven steps.

In his 2012 bestselling book, “To Sell Is Human,” author Daniel Pink noted that according to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, one in nine Americans worked in sales. However now, those other eight people are also spending their days trying to move others to do things and build relationships. So fundamentally, everyone’s in sales.

Back in the 1980s, people needed salespeople for information on products, whereas now they can easily do the same research themselves, online. This shift has changed the qualities needed for a salesperson to be successful. Find out what those qualities are, by understanding more about the Consultative Selling process.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The 7 steps of Consultative Selling
  • To understand your sales strengths
  • Your skill areas that may need some further development
  • Further tips on learning the consultative selling style
  • How to use our Sales Acumen Survey – a self-assessment tool



E20: B2B The 7 Steps of Consultative Selling

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