E15: B2B 3 Steps to Cold Calling


In this episode, Neil starts explaining the process of building a Cold Call Plan to approach larger, more prestigious businesses. He explains how the process has three steps – to prepare, execute and follow-up an important business meeting:

  1. The Pre-Call Plan
  2. The Call Plan
  3. The Post-Call Plan

Neil breaks down each step and shares the all-important words to avoid when doing a cold call. Importantly, he warns that if you continue to use those taboo words, then salon owners will always erect figurative brick walls and you’ll continue to have difficulty in gaining new accounts. However, when the three steps come together, you’ll have a cold call plan that produces successful and ongoing business relationships

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The 5 steps of the Pre-Call plan
  • The 7 steps of the Call-Plan
  • The two different conversations – question-based and statement-based – and which one works best
  • The all-important words to avoid in a cold call
  • The 3 steps of the Post-Call plan
  • When working with large accounts, how important is to say what you do and do what you say



E15: B2B 3 Steps to Cold Calling

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