Conquering Client Conversations. Are you asking the right questions?

“Everyone is born curious. As a kid it comes naturally, but it’s later buried … beneath your older, busier, multitasking life. Or maybe you’ve held on? Perhaps you’re one of the few who still explores, learns and asks questions? If that is you, your client conversations are probably deep and connected. And they likely lead to positive long-term relationships.

Do you consider yourself to be curious? To be honest, most people say yes, especially considering that the opposite traits – closeminded and dull – are not very flattering. But just how curious are you? Are the most ordinary of experiences – like talking with your client – often changed, by your innate urge to ask them … more?

If you answered ‘Yes’, that’s fantastic. Because to be honest, as a stylist, unless you put curiosity to work for you, you won’t be very good at your job. Huh? You see ideally, curiosity should be incorporated into every step of your client routine ­– from consult through the basin, bench and on to the register.

Let’s find out why…”

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