Building Business with Storytelling

“The highest compliment you can pay a brand is to retell the stories it shares about itself. An even greater one though, is being able to repeat those stories accurately … because they were so engaging, they couldn’t help but be remembered. So how and why do brand stories work?

People remember what’s interesting. Therefore, to make a brand memorable, you need to think more like a writer than a marketer – and create brand stories that are so engaging, customers want to share them. To do that, you need to appeal to hearts, not heads – by mixing emotions with facts – and make every word count.

Why do stories engage?

Put simply, we place ourselves into the stories. We identify with similarities to ourselves in the characters, plotlines and themes, and anything else that aligns with our own history or current situation. Why? Because we’re social creatures. We have a need to compare ourselves with others and feel a connection to them, so we habitually put ourselves in their (brand) shoes…”

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