Brand Bling in a Blue Box: How an iconic brand delivers its promise

“A brand is a promise. And while great brands make sure they deliver that in every single customer interaction, few can say their promise is personified by a blue box. In the last of this series of articles, Neil Osborne explains how a brand that consistently keeps its promise across every aspect of its branding — from products through media, to emotional engagement and everything in between — can become a timeless icon.

Yes, we’re talking about that blue box — the one that every girl dreams of being given. Funnily enough though, what’s most desired is the certainty that the blue box promises: the surety that a magical moment has arrived. And why is that? Because it’s the Tiffany Blue Box.

For some, that blue box symbolises centuries of design and style. For others, it’s distinctive jewellery of the highest quality. However, for most, it’s the emotion sparked by that promise-in-a-box. And as Tiffany & Co. have planned, engineered and executed, that particular promise translates in every language, to love.

Given its iconic status, you may wonder how a little cardboard box became the embodiment of so many dreams and desires. The answer … is almost two centuries of brilliant branding.

It’s that simple.

PART Seven: Promises & Professionalism

Professionalism and promise are the two words that form the core of your brand commitment to customers. And like two hearts, they’re inextricably entwined.

Why? Sadly, the answer doesn’t sparkle, but it’s just a valuable: Brand loyalty isn’t given, it’s earned — because customers directly measure your professionalism through the consistent delivery of your brand promise…”

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