Apples or pears – which are your staff giving away?

Of late, I’ve been comparing apples with pears.

You see they’re not just different in shape.
It’s every single aspect of them. Let me explain.

Just after Christmas I had an unforgettable experience.

So much so that it wiped out all the pre-December 25 negative ones that went, well … pear-shaped.

Why was this one unforgettable?

Because it reminded me of the impact of great training … especially  when delivering memorable customer service.

Here’s the background: Teenage daughter, broken iPod, FOMO complex and a waft of desperation in the air. We needed help. FAST.

We promptly booked (online) an appointment at the Genius Bar of the closest Apple Retail Store. Not being an ‘Apple’ fanatic, I was both sceptical and curious to see, hear and experience their approach.

I was not disappointed.

All my negative thoughts dissolved upon arrival. To be honest, I was utterly amazed.

As one of the largest retail stores in the centre (excluding supermarkets and department stores), it was chock-a-block with customers and the 40+ staff stood out like beacons in their bright red Christmas t-shirts.
Every single one of them was either talking to or actively helping customers.

I sensed I was in for a treat.

We were greeted at the Genius Bar by an uber-friendly iPad-toting guy, directed to a seating area and soon thereafter attended (miraculously by name) by an Apple Genius.

Let me say, their name is well–earned.

He had been trained so brilliantly, it was like watching water flow. I couldn’t tell the difference between his personal style and the Apple way of doing things – it was second nature to him.

Better still, he put us at ease in a foreign Apple-land.

He listened, asked questions and repeatedly under promised and over delivered.

Every time he said he’d be back in 2-3 minutes, he was with us in just 1-2.

There was no techy, wooden or condescending tone – it felt like we were talking to a trusted friend who was simply removing our problem.

If you want your clients to have an Apple experience, then train your staff that way … and they’ll deliver that.

Sparing you the details, what was so impressive?

I expected his level of product knowledge. That was a given.
The jaw dropping bit was seeing a company that truly understands the real-world value of training their staff. They weren’t just trained on products – they were trained on the whole Apple experience. For. A. Customer.

It was WOW.

For me, it reconfirmed the formula for a successful business:

Train your people + invest in their skills

That skill investment is not just in product knowledge … it’s in customer service, sales, conversation and systems. Openly discuss and workshop how you want your clients to FEEL when they interact with your company.


Clients have too many ‘other’ options today.

They really don’t care how much you know, until they realise how much you care.


Drop me an email and let me know your thoughts.

Photo credit: (matt) via photopin cc

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