Apple or pear shaped profits? Three ways your profits can give juicy returns…

“If asked to name the key business element that Apple has mastered, what answer would you give? Perhaps design, innovation, marketing or even smart supply-chain creation and control? Yes, they’ve nailed all those things. But their real mastery … is profit propagation.

When Steve Jobs re-joined Apple in 1997, it was a mere 90 days from bankruptcy. And yet, at the end of 2014, it smashed its way into the record books by reporting the largest quarterly profit ever in corporate history—$18bn—by selling 34,000 iPhones an hour around the clock, every day, from October to December.

You may ask how, in less than 20 years, they went from bankruptcy to now. Typical of Apple, the lesson is elegant in its simplicity: by unfailingly serving the juiciest slice of the market and in doing so, turning a big fat profit.

How can your salon be more like Apple? Their focus on profit is legendary. Here are three secrets to help you shape your salon business in the highly profitable Apple shadow…”

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