3 killer trade show tips to help you find your way (and why) [series]

There’s many ways to make your stand at a trade show memorable (for your customers) and effective (for your sales).

After having successfully worked 20+ industry trade shows, this series of three quick but killer tips is designed to help you find your trade show mojo – be it for branding or sales:

Tip #2: Ensure your whole team is clear on your expectations

A pre-trade show team briefing is critical.

A briefing will ensure that your team are all heading in the same direction and more importantly, they understand your trade show strategy and anticipated outcomes.

You also need to discuss a few other matters:

  1. How are you going to attract attention to your stand?
  2. It’s key to ask prospects a number of open-ended questions. What are the key questions relevant to your brand and the type of prospect you wish to attract?
  3. What experience do you want clients to have on your stand?
  4. Have you prepared a sample pack or a small pack to buy? How do you want it offered and to who?
  5. How are you going to collect client contact information?

Your stand and team will leave people with a perception of your brand – make sure it’s a positive experience.

Here’s a check list for your pre-trade show meeting:

  • Order name badges for each staff member
  • Suggest they all dress the same e.g. T-shirts or Polo’s work well
  • Encourage your team to establish eye contact with all clients and smile
  • Prepare a number of open-ended questions to engage clients
  • Appropriate humour works well
  • Discuss how you want them to introduce themselves (with a smile) and find out where the prospects are from.
  • If you’re demonstrating equipment who is qualified to use the equipment?
  • Some behaviours look sloppy and reflect badly for your brand – discuss your expectations
  • Don’t sit down on the stand
  • No eating on the stand
  • Never leave the stand unattended
  • Don’t spend time talking with your colleagues rather than talking with potential clients
  • Limit the time spent on your smart phones
  • Look interested in meeting people
  • If you’re selling on your stand what’s the sales/cash procedure? Be mindful that some people may need some training, especially with electronic equipment
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