3 killer trade show tips so you can sleep and bank the sales [series]

Trade shows are a huge face-to-face opportunity to promote and build your brand. Some people walk away with heaps of good leads, others experience an exhausting few days and walk away with very little.

What determines the difference?

  • Preparation
  • Sales strategy

There’s many ways to make your stand at a trade show memorable (for your customers) and effective (for your sales).

After having successfully worked 20+ industry trade shows, this series of three quick but killer tips is designed to help you find your trade show mojo – be it for branding or sales:

Tip #1: Specify what you want out of this trade show

What’s your purpose?
Are you aiming to:
1.      Launch or preview your brand?
2.      Expand your distribution in the southern states?
3.      Sell your product on the floor to recover some of your costs?
4.      Commence a significant sampling campaign?
5.      Something else?

Being really clear about why you’re attending Salon Melbourne will help you determine the activities you create for your brand and your stand.

Once you’ve clarified your purpose the final and most important question is how you’re going to attract, engage, excite and secure genuine interest in your brand.

There are many ways to achieve this – your creativity is your only limitation.
What will be your way?

Photo credit: Salon Melbourne

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